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Hi, I'm Blazej

I was born a bear but I ended up being a coder.

Scroll down to check out what I do or go straight to the portfolio section.

The colours indicate my experience at the given topic:
- from beginner's gray
- through orange for intermediate
- to green indicating good working knowledge.

You also may want to look at my Linkedin profile

We all love our gadgets

They make everything more fun and easy - is it animation, data exchange, DOM modification - you name it!

It's simply cooler with something a little more fancy...

Style and texture are also quite important

And it's best when you keep them clean and valid...

Soft(ware) underneath

Despite my favourite piece of software is sublime text, some application also come in very handy.

Bare Bones

Structure, that's keeping the web running.

Mind and Heart

Passion & Brains